The Great Weirding

The Great Weirding is a sequenced essay collection on the radical global transformation that has been unfolding 2016. Each essay will explore a key question about the transformation. I will be initially serializing the essays as subscription content on the Breaking Smart newsletter, along with supporting video/audio content, during 2020-21. The collection will eventually be available as an ebook, and possibly also turned into a workshop.

Into the Weirding

Between the death of Harambe in 2016 and the pandemic of 2020 we plunged headlong into a new world. What exactly happened through these four years?

Part 1 | Part 2

Control Failure

How are industrial-era institutions failing under the onslaught of the weirding, and what are the consequences of their accelerating unraveling?

Part 1 πŸ”’| Part 2 πŸ”’


What are the important contours of the chaotic transitional environment shaping our new realities?

Part 1 πŸ”’|Part 2 πŸ”’

Accidental Designs

What new institutions are actually being born in the weirding, and how do they differ from both romanticized pasts and utopian future visions?

Planned: April 2021

Between Flux and Machine

How are emerging realities shaping, and being shaped by the computing impact of computing and software eating the world?

Planned: June 2021

Rewilding the Human

How is human nature changing due to the Great Weirding, and what is the resulting transformed human condition like?

Planned: August 2021