Q Lab Surge Membership


Q Lab surge membership for one month. Available only to accepted applicants. Please do not pay for more than 3 months in advance.

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Q Lab surge membership for one month. You must purchase a surge level membership for the first month in Q Lab. After that, you may choose regular or backburner levels depending on your needs.

  1. All the features of the regular membership, plus
  2. No preset limit on messages in 1:1/private channel slack
  3. Limit of 6 continuous months in surge mode*
  4. One free scheduled 30-minute text chat per month
  5. You will accrue one free 30-minute video consult for every 3 surge months
  6. You may pay for up to 3 months in advance

* If you need to stay in surge for more than 6-months, you likely need either full-service consulting support, or an employee to do whatever you’re expecting from Q Lab.