Breaking Smart is a site devoted to in-depth explorations of the emerging digital economy, resulting patterns of societal transformation, and technological serendipity.  Our goal is to produce a binge-worthy collection of essays on a single big theme, along with workshop material, approximately once a year. Season 1 is based on Marc Andreessen’s observation that “software is eating the world.”

The name of this site is inspired by the hit American television show Breaking Bad, which follows the life of a chemistry teacher turned drug-kingpin as it winds its way to inevitable doom. Breaking Smart is the opposite of breaking bad: the expanding human exploration of new possibilities, powered by technological serendipity.

This site has been developed by Venkatesh Rao, a writer, independent researcher and slightly evil consultant, best known for his blog ribbonfarm. He is the author of three books, Tempo, The Gervais Principle and Be Slightly Evil

All the illustrations for this site are by Grace Witherell.